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Meet, Review and Analyze 

My first step is to sit down with you, one-on-one (or with loved ones).  You will always deal directly with me.  I will review your current situation both financially, physically and socially to determine your options and how best to proceed. 


After I have all the pertinent i​nformation, I will personally develop a Medicaid solution for you or your loved one.  This plan will include: Medicaid eligibility, preparation for Medicaid and accessing available resources to improve your quality of life.

Prepare and Submit

Once the plan has been executed and all is in place, I will prepare your Medicaid application, assist you in gathering all the required documents to be submitted with the application and personally deliver the application to your local Department of Social Services (DSS) to ensure receipt.  I will sit with a Social Worker and confirm receipt of your Medicaid application.


Once your Medicaid application is submitted, I become the point of contact between you and Medicaid.  Should the Social Worker require additional information or documentation, he or she will contact me as your liaison.  I will walk you through anything additional required to complete the Medicaid application process.  You will never have to go through it alone. 

Approval or Denial

Once the Department of Social Services (DSS) has approved the Medicaid application, I continue to walk with you until either Home Aides are established in the home (Community Medicaid) or the nursing home affairs are finally in order (Nursing Home Medicaid).  

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee approval of your Medicaid application.  There are many factors that come into play in the Department of Social Services determination.  Many times denials can be remedied by simply providing additional information or documentation.  Other times, there are specific circumstances that would keep an application from being approved which may be beyond resolution.  Each situation may vary. 

Coordinate Health Care and Service

Once Medicaid has been approved, we will assist you in coordinating all necessary services and care.